22.03.2017 | all' aperto

A place I like

At Casa Zegna, a workshop for kids with colored threads, images and colors, curated by artist Laura Pugno and Elena Taverna

Images, colored threads, identity and creativity: these are the ingredients in “Un posto che mi piace” (A place I like), a workshop to be held at Casa Zegna on Saturday 25 March on the occasion of the FAI Spring Days and the temporary exhibition entitled “Alek O., Laura Pugno and Valentina Vetturi: three Artists for Trivero”.

The exhibition illustrates the results of workshops held by Alek O. and Laura Pugno for secondary school students in Trivero: for the first time under the “ALL'APERTO” public art project artists were invited to design workshops especially for Trivero’s schools, reflecting Fondazione Zegna’s commitment to organizing educational and training activities for the young.

The “A place I like” workshop being held on Saturday 25 March by Elena Taverna and Laura Pugno was inspired by activities carried out in Trivero’s middle school. It will be an experience open to all and engage children’s sensibility and perceptions in a new way. The participants will be asked to identify images that represent an important place, a familiar and intimate place that stimulates sentiments and emotions. They will then be able to work on the images using colored threads to artistically and creatively highlight “a place I like”.

Trivero born artist Laura Pugno worked with 3rd year middle school students on the theme of landscape and designed a workshop - “Ci vediamo in Centro” (See you in town) – in collaboration with Alessandro Allera and Raffaella Giorcelli from DiogeneLab. Given Trivero is such a scattered township (comprising 37 administrative units!), Lauro Pugno built a workshop around what might be the image the students have of their hometown. “I thought it would be interesting to propose a sort of reconstruction, at once psychological and visual, of the Trivero area on the basis of the impressions of some of its youngest inhabitants,” the artist explains. In addition to forming part of the exhibition at Casa Zegna, the material re-elaborated by the students has been collected in a book that documents their physical and affective perceptions of their hometown.

The “Un posto che mi piace” workshop is for children aged from 5 to 14 and is free of charge, but booking is obligatory.

Times: sessions from 10.00 to 18.00.



Casa Zegna Via Marconi 23, Trivero (Biella)

tel. +39 015.7591463