17.10.2016 | all' aperto

Colored weathervanes: when a work of art means “home”

Buren’s art work, once again to animate the Wool Mill on the FAI Days, as remembered by Aurora

Ahead of the FAI Spring Days, Daniel Buren’s “colored weathervanes” are once again enlivening the roof of the Ermenegildo Zegna Wool Mill. This installation, which is part of the “ALL’APERTO” contemporary art project, reminds us of the coming of the warm season and for some it even means “home”. To appreciate the viewpoint of those who live with these works of art everyday, we interviewed Aurora, who had just started primary school when Buren came to Trivero…   Aurora, how old are you now? I’m 14 and I’m in my first year at science and applied sciences high school.   "Colored weathervanes, work in situ, 2007, Trivero" was the first contemporary art installation in the “ALL’APERTO” project in Trivero: what does it means for you? When Buren came to our school I was 7, and since then those flags have been a symbol of “home” for me. Before Buren there was just “a factory”, now the Wool Mill is a work of art that’s living. The flags, when they’re moved by the wind, move the roof of the place and give me a deep sense of freedom: their colors, and especially the design, remind me of sails. Whenever I come back to Trivero, after the summer holidays for example, it’s the flags that tell me I’m home again. For me, they sort of identify the place I live in. I actually met Daniel Buren, thanks to this work, and loved his other stuff too: my favorite is in the Castello di Ama, in Tuscany. I find that play of mirrors in a natural landscape very interesting; it’s as if nature was taking part in the work of art thanks to something artificial, mirrors.   Do you know the other art works in the “ALL’APERTO” project? Yes, and my favorite one is Horologe, by Roman Signer. I remember it was kept under a white wrap up to its inauguration, and I was dying to see what it was. What fascinates me most about it is its… it’s abstract. A clock without hands, that tells the time with puffs of steam. People are always in a hurry, looking at their watches to see what time it is. This work gets us thinking, makes us find time for ourselves instead of always thinking about all the things we have to do in a day.   The projects you did at school, the workshops and the art works you can see around here… did they help you discover art? Oh yes, they made me love art, in various forms, drawings, sculpture, abstract works. For me, art is someone’s thoughts transferred to a sheet of paper, or an object. Every artistic creation is the fruit of a person’s imagination. All the objects around us, not just works of art, also bits of furnishing, grew out of a drawing. Art’s a way of expressing our inner feelings. When I draw something, with pencils, I do it from instinct, without thinking too much, and this helps me express my state of mind.   What do you want to do when you grow up? I’d like to be an astronomer. I’ll always love art and continue to draw to express what I’ve got inside, but I’d like to understand nature and discover the secrets of the universe and the stars!   Next weekend, at the FAI Spring Days in Trivero, Casa Zegna will be open and two educational workshops are being organized: “A walk around art” and “From sheep to suit”. Any tips for younger visitors? Certainly do one of the workshops. I often go to exhibitions at Casa Zegna, with my parents. One of my best memories is the experience I had at “From sheep to suit”: what struck me most was the purity of the wool when I touched it. I was also amazed at how far away it comes from, merino from Australia, cashmere from Mongolia, what a journey to get here to Trivero!   For information on the FAI Spring Days and the educational workshops for kids: Casa Zegna Tel: 015 7591463 Mail:

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