24.05.2017 | all' aperto

Exploring art with Andrea Zegna

Guided tour of the All’Aperto project’s contemporary art works, with the curator

Making contemporary art and its values easier to access and enjoy is the mission of ALL’APERTO, a project promoted by Fondazione Zegna that has been developing a series of site-specific permanent artworks created for the Trivero area since 2008. Curated by Andrea Zegna and Barbara Casavecchia, the project has engaged internationally renowned artists like Daniel Buren, Alberto Garutti, Stefano Arienti, Roman Signer, Marcello Maloberti, Dan Graham and Liliana Moro.

On Sunday 28 May, the public will have an extraordinary opportunity to discover these art works in the company of one of the curators, Andrea Zegna. The project, which has enriched Trivero with works of art that have become a part of the landscape over the years, is inspired by Ermenegildo Zegna and the values that animated his development of the mountains around the Wool Mill.

The creation of art works under this project involved interaction between artists and the community: each artist worked on themes relevant to us all, such as the environment, the factory and relationships between Trivero’s people and the spaces they live in. And all these works of art are “public works”, accessible, permanent marks on the township of Trivero, fruit of artists’ contemporary vision and interpretation of local landscapes.

The tour will start at the Zegna Wool Mill with Daniel Buren’s installation entitled "The Colored Weathervanes, Work in Situ, 2007, Trivero", a rainbow of flags in seven different colors that enliven the factory’s roofs. It will then visit Roman Signer’s "Horloge", the artist’s first public project in Italy. This “time-sculpture” marks the passing of time without any hour hand, thus inviting viewers to reflect on existence, on time, human time, nature’s time, time for work and time for play.

Eva, Pulce, Sbadiglio, Lampo, Ferro, Sissi and Otto and Luna are the dogs featured in Alberto Garutti’s work "Dedicated to the people who will talk about them as they sit here": 12 concrete benches, scattered around Trivero, that the artist created after talking with school children, their families and their dogs. Next on this “All’Aperto” tour is Stefano Arienti’s "The Telepathists”, one of the works that’s seen the most use, since it introduced wi-fi in local schools too.

While Marcello Maloberti’s garden of delights, his very first permanent public work and entitled “Kisses sweeter than wine”, attracts visitors to a space restored to public use, between Trivero’s swimming pool and the gym, where there used to be some “bocce” courts. And lastly, Liliana Moro’s “29,88 KMQ”, a work designed to provide information on events promoted by Trivero and Oasi Zegna, and Dan Graham’s "Two Way Mirror / Hedge Arabesque", a kaleidoscopic pavilion made of steel and differentially reflective glass, situated amidst the splendid blossoms of the Conca dei Rododendri, which can be visited without the curator.

The guided tour is free of charge but must be booked by 26 May.

Times: 11.00 and 15.00


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