25.10.2017 | casa zegna

Heritage Day 2017

On Sunday 12 November, during the 15th Enterprise Culture Week, a special opening and guided tours of the Zegna Archives

A journey through fabrics that wrote the history of European fashion over the last 100 years and are still vibrant models capable of inspiring some of the most impressive creativity and innovation on today’s contemporary global scene. On an entirely exceptional basis, Fondazione Zegna is offering a unique opportunity on 12 November, during Enterprise Culture Week, when it’s opening up to the public its formidable historical archives (housed in Casa Zegna since 2007). It will also be showing the very heart of the Archives, the extraordinary collection of historic samples, objects of international study and research and still at the core of the Company’s identity, where tradition and innovation have always flourished together.

Visitors will be able to discover this collection of fabrics, initiated by Ermenegildo Zegna in 1910, on guided tours in the afternoon. Together with photos, videos, documents and drawings, it presents the history and culture of one of the most important Made in Italy brands, going back over 100 years. A heritage that is still an integral part of the creative and production process at Zegna Group, a daily source of ideas and new vision for its own designers and others. Curators, artists and internationally renowned cultural figures have visited the Archives and studied the fabric samples in search of inspiration, as the archive keepers will be recounting on the guided tours, which will focus on the constant dialog between yesterday’s fabrics and today’s new creations. A number of the Archives’ “hero exhibits” will be on display, including the "Centoventimila fabric", an extremely lightweight combed fabric for summer, a pioneering invention that Ermenegildo Zegna, at the beginning of the Sixties, intended to offer as the finest woolen fabric in the world (it was also the object of an advertising campaign). Made with 120,000 meters of yarn per kilogram, as stated by its name, the Centoventimila was a forerunner of cool wool and became an icon of the Group’s experimental culture. This spirit of innovation is now producing results like the Trofeo Denim, a very recently invented fabric that combines jeans style with the properties of wool: lightness, breathability and softness.

Other samples on display during the guided tours include those of the Heberlein Collection, a source of inspiration for the unique hand-painted textile accessories of the new Zegna collection, and the French Claude Frères Collection, with volumes going back to 1859.

Promoted by Confindustria in collaboration with Museimpresa, the 15th Enterprise Culture Week is offering a rich calendar of events and initiatives throughout Italy from 10 to 24 November, enabling the public to explore the history of our country’s business community as documented by the cultural heritage kept in museums and corporate archives.


Sunday 12 November 2017
The guided tours (from 14.30 to 18.30) must be booked in advance. Donations welcome.
Casa Zegna, via Marconi, 23, 13835 Trivero (Biella)
tel. 015 7591463