30.01.2018 | casa zegna

Inspirations from the Archive

The new alpine-flavored F/W 2018/19 collection presented at Pitti Uomo draws inspiration from the Archive and the historic Gruppo Sportivo Zegna

Stylistic sophistication, innovation and deep roots in the territory: the Z Zegna Fall Winter 2018/19 collection presented a few days ago at the Pitti Uomo fashion shows is a tribute to the Oasi Zegna landscape and the legendary sports club Gruppo Sportivo Zegna (GSZ).

Over 80 years ago, Ermenegildo Zegna created Dopolavoro Aziendale “Fratelli Zegna di Angelo”, a working men’s sports club within the framework of the territorial and social development he’d initiated in Trivero. In the Thirties, this club became a popular center for recreational, cultural and sports activities. In addition to mountain sports, “bocce” and athletics, race walking/running became the feather in the company’s sporting cap: in 1935 a team from the club finished 1st in a “National Race Walking/Running and Shooting Championship”, a sort of biathlon event for working men’s club skiers.

The club, which changed its name to “Gruppo Sportivo Ermenegildo Zegna” in 1998, is still an important sports and social center, especially for kids of school age.

With its rich heritage of images and documents, the Zegna Archive proved this year too to be an important source of inspiration for Zegna Group creative director Alessandro Sartori. The atmospheres from the past evoked by “Roots and Wings”, an exhibition at Casa Zegna last autumn, are merged into the present with the graphic design of today’s Gruppo Sportivo Zegna. The colors of Oasi Zegna’s mountains – deep forest, crocus, chestnut, pine, chanterelle yellow, slate and berry red - work with Techmerino fabrics to produce a performance-driven wardrobe for men who love outdoor life.

Ermenegildo Zegna’s vision, which launched a whole program of social and territorial transformation, also lives on in our ongoing commitment to innovation.