26.09.2017 | casa zegna

Leaves that become Wings

During the “Roots and Wings” exhibition, a series of “cosmic workshops” for kids of all ages at Casa Zegna and in the Conca dei Rododendri.

After the “sound walks” exploring the theme of our capacity to listen, on the FAI Panorama Days, Casa Zegna is organizing its own workshops again.

The theme of the next three meetings is still the landscape: this time, how it changes with the arrival of autumn.

The first is on Sunday 1 October: “Leaf through the first book of leaves”, addressing families with kids who’d like to learn more about botany, with a Montessori approach. What is a fruit? What seeds produce what plants? How do I recognize leaves? This is all designed to develop kids’ autonomy as they make their “first book of leaves” with leaves they’ll collected themselves in the woods.

On Sunday 8 October, the theme is once again the sound landscape: “Resounding landscape”. Drawing on the “library of natural sounds”, which also involved Oasi Zegna, and introducing other recordings made on that day, a new sound landscape will be blended and composed for the occasion by the participants in the experience at Casa Zegna.

On 15 October lastly, with “Are we made of leaves?”, we’ll be making leaves/personalities and, during a short walk, explaining how autumn and the vegetable decomposition characterizing this season form an essential part of a life cycle that doesn’t exclude relations with our own species.

Leaves that become wings” is a cycle of workshops inspired by the Montessori method: the Italian scientist sustained that it was important to feed children’s “feeling for nature” by arousing their curiosity and amazement at their surroundings. This approach (Cosmic Education) stimulates children to understand how all natural elements on this planet are linked and interdependent, like the embroidered patterns of some magnificent tapestry.

Workshops free of charge but booking is obligatory. Start of workshop: 15.30, duration: around 90 minutes. Curated by CONSORZIO SOCIALE IL FILO DA TESSERE.

For information and booking:

Casa Zegna Via Marconi, 23 - Trivero (Biella)

T: 015 7591463