06.03.2019 | fondazione zegna

Bethany Williams wins a Queen Elizabeth II Award For British Design

A supporter of the San Patrignano weaving facility with Fondazione Zegna, the British designer has just won the 2nd QEII Award for British Design

Fashion as a driver of positive change in the world: this is the value underpinning the partnership between Fondazione Zegna, the San Patrignano Community, the London College of Fashion and Making for Change (a social enterprise). It’s also the spirit of Bethany Williams, the British designer who has just won the 2nd QEII Award for British Design. The award was set up by Her Majesty the Queen to acclaim top talents in British fashion who show not only outstanding creativity but also commitment to the community and sustainability.

Bethany Williamsgraduated from the London College of Fashion in 2016, with a Master’s in men’s clothing, and is supporting and working with Fondazione Zegna, London College of Fashion and Making for Change to rehabilitate women in prison or who are fighting addiction in the San Patrignano Community. Her experience of working in the San Patrignano weaving shop (funded by Fondazione Zegna) has influenced her vision and inspired some of her collections, as she revealed in an interview in Vogue. “The Women of Change collection focusing on women’s rehabilitation stems from close contact with the girls at San Patrignano. I like having ties with all the people involved and that’s why I asked the weaving girls what change meant for them. It was partly their replies that made me think about how to generate positive change through fashion.”