24.08.2017 | fondazione zegna

Earthquake in central Italy: still supporting dairy farmers

Funded by Fondazione Zegna, a Cesvi project has enabled four dairies to resume production

Jobs as the driver of social rebirth. This is the encouraging message that has emerged over the last year in the Amatrice-Accumoli-Cittareale-Borbona-Posta-Leonessa area, hit by the earthquake on 24 August and subsequent tremors on 26 and 30 October 2016. Cesvi and Fondazione Zegna provided aid for the reconstruction of the urban and rural environment and restoration of the social and business fabric, thus favoring economic recovery and avoiding rural abandon and depopulation.

Launched on 19 December 2016, the project aims to restore production and direct sales. In particular, thanks to collaboration with Coldiretti, four dairies in the Amatrice area received equipment they needed to resume work:

- milking systems

- scraper systems

- milk refrigerators

- electricity generators.

An important step towards a recovery that is becoming increasingly vital for citizens and businesses in the area.

You too can give a hand by visiting Cesvi’s website.