27.07.2017 | fondazione zegna

Earthquake in Emilia: four years alongside Cesvi

All Fondazione Zegna’s projects to support the recovery of local industry and help the people most exposed to trauma

On one hand the businesses, on the other the children, foreign families, disabled people. From the outset, Cesvi’s aid program for economic and social recovery in Emilia Romagna following the earthquake in May 2012 was dual-purpose.

The two main objectives of the project supported by Fondazione Zegna and focusing on the northern part of Modena Province were to support the recovery of local industry and provide aid for the people most exposed to the trauma of the event throughout the gradual return to normality.

The first phase of the program concentrated on three leading local businesses: CREA-SI (textiles), PTL (mechanical engineering) and HMC (biomedical). These companies were chosen in view of the positive prospects in terms of employment, income, supply of goods and services indispensable for the community and allied industries. Their production facilities were already back in operation by the end of 2012, thus guaranteeing revenue levels and job security for the 200 employees.

The second line of activity was started up in 2013 and involved three Modena social cooperatives specializing in aid for children and parents. Cooperativa Gulliver organized workshops in 23 schools in the Modena Province (involving 1,600 minors) and 18 recreational/educational events in which 68 kids and 271 adults of 12 nationalities took part, thus facilitating the process of integrating immigrant communities. From 23 April 2014 onwards, part of the cost of activating a new facility for the disabled in Modena was covered.

The program was completed in January 2016 with the opening, by Cooperativa Aliante, of the “Casa Itinera” reception center in Medolla, which provided educational activities for young children and adolescents referred by the social services in towns in the North Modena area (UCMAN) and neighboring zones.