28.10.2014 | fondazione zegna

India: needy children will no longer cry over onions

Support from Fondazione Zegna will enable Care & Share to limit the impact of disproportionately high onion prices due to drought.

On 18 August last year a truck was assaulted by a band of thieves on the Delhi-Jaipur motorway in India. Though seeming hardly newsworthy, it marked a turning point for people in India. The truck in question, in fact, was carrying 40 tons of onions. Due to long periods of drought and inflation the cost of this key ingredient in the national diet (especially poorer people’s) had rocketed from the traditional 40 rupies a kilo (around euro 50 cent) to nearly 100 rupies (over euro 1.10). This increase had immediate consequences in the poorer areas of the country, including Krishna District in the State of Andhra Pradesh, where Care & Share offers over 5,000 free meals a day to children in the villages, thanks to support from Fondazione Zegna. To help that association achieve the level of food self-sufficiency needed to offset the hike in onion prices, Fondazione Zegna has undertaken to sustain the cost of ensuring a supply of four tons of onions a week for the whole of 2014. Other projects supported in the area include the guaranteeing of free pediatric care, medical prevention and schooling for the district’s street children. Discover all the Care & Share projects supported by Fondazione Zegna

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