10.08.2017 | fondazione zegna

Oxfam Palestine Project: closer and closer to local communities

New initiatives under Oxfam’s Silver Tent Project supported by Fondazione Zegna

Training of young people in Bedouin communities, jobs in local businesses, development of new production activities. But not only. Silver Tent has now gathered momentum. Managed by Oxfam and local NGOs and supported by Fondazione Zegna, this project’s mission is to give voice to local communities in the West Bank through advocacy, crafts, agriculture and pastoralism projects, etc.

The project immediately had a strong positive impact on the territory. 77 young people from Bedouin communities, of whom 23 women, have done training courses in mechanical engineering, general maintenance, metalworking and food transformation. A valuable experience that has so far enabled 21 students to find jobs with local businesses.

There is also a strong focus on social improvement, with activities to encourage the recognition of women as the engine of the community and of its dialog with local and national authorities, and the establishment of a network of 76 local groups in Palestine.

Lastly, the project has had some very important beneficial effects on local workers and businesses. 11 dairies and 8 craft workshops have been built and fitted out. And 12 pilot projects to boost incomes have been launched in the communities involved.