01.10.2015 | fondazione zegna

Panorama Day at Oasi Zegna: the magic of mountain landscapes

The itinerary for the 2nd edition of the FAI/Fondazione Zegna event is along the Panoramica Zegna road with views of luxuriant nature and majestic mountains

Saturday 19 September will see the return of Panorama Day, the event that FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano and Fondazione Zegna dedicate each year to Italy’s landscape heritage, to understanding its transformations and enjoying its splendid views and majestic horizons. On this 2nd edition, Oasi Zegna is offering new itineraries with views ranging over uncontaminated Valsessera on one hand and the populated plains of the river Po on the other, showing how landscape is characterized and transformed by the human factor in the varying degrees of its presence or absence. The Day will start at Casa Zegna (Via Marconi, 23, Trivero), the cultural center and historical archive (which can be visited on this occasion) and take in five panoramic spots in the company of FAI guides: - Bocchetta di Margosio, with views of the majestic Monte Rosa and Valsessera (Site of Community Interest) and demonstrations and tastings of cheese at Alpe Margosio; - Bocchetta di Luvera, named after the traps dug in the past to trap wolves; - Bielmonte, heart of Oasi Zegna, with views of the plains of the river Po and a performance by Enrico Carraro & friends of the Filarmonica Teatro Regio Torino at Albergo Bucaneve; - Monte Marca (accessible from Bielmonte on foot or by the single-seat chairlift from the ‘50s/’60s), with a splendid 360° panorama, from Monte Rosa to Monviso, and the accompaniment of the Monte Mucrone Mountain Choir; - Bocchetto Sessera, via the Forest of Smiles (4.8 km loop) to Eremo di Maria, a place of contemplation where it will be possible to enjoy some flute music courtesy of the Filarmonica Teatro Regio Torino and discover Valsessera, a valley on the Periadriatic Seam, the geological division between the central and southern Alps. On the way it will be possible to have picnics in pleasant clearings, read the Forest Fables in books made of cedar wood, immersed in nature together with musicians from the Filarmonica Teatro Regio playing oboe, clarinet and bassoon. At 17.00, on the terrace of Albergo Bucaneve in Bielmonte, there will be a musical drinks party with a surprise program performed by musicians from the Filarmonica Teatro Regio Torino. On the same date the 2nd Panorama Day will be offering another equally fascinating destination: Case Lovara, situated above Levanto in the Cinque Terre Park. The place was recently acquired by FAI and is being reclaimed under a project in which Fondazione Zegna is involved. An unforgettable day between earth and sky, to rediscover the value of our landscape and the importance of safeguarding and loving it.

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