27.06.2017 | fondazione zegna

Punta Mesco: open air museum (and building site)

Work is proceeding on the 2nd lot, involving two buildings, the water supply system and farmland

At around a year from the opening of “Case Lovara” work is proceeding on the 2nd lot of the restoration of the main building in the Punta Mesco farming and woodland area in the “Parco delle Cinque Terre”.

Thanks to an agreement between Fondazione Zegna, FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano and local government, this project will become a innovative and sustainable model for using and conserving SCIs (Sites of Community Interest) throughout the Ligurian Park.

Work is being carried forward on four main fronts:



The Casa Rossa will be completed with the building of the services floor (kitchen, stores and public toilets, dining hall and cellar) and the recovery of the rainwater collection tank.



Following completion of structural reinforcement to guarantee the seismic resistance of this old building, interior work included the construction of crawl spaces and flooring on the ground floor, completion of the 1st floor floor slab, partition walls and restoration of interior brickwork and plastering. Work is now proceeding on the building’s service systems and interior windows and doors, to be followed up by the fitting out of a cultural space on the ground floor and the furnishing of the hospitality rooms on the 1st floor.



Another important activity is the completion of the water supply system, including collection, treatment and storage. This also involves the building of underground rainwater tanks providing reserves of water to be purified for drinking. The new system is designed to collect rainwater from both roofing and ground runoff.



Work on the land is proceeding with the extension of the market garden area (750 m2) and the recovery of an old olive grove (around 1,300 m2). Weeds have been eliminated and the dry stone walls are being repaired. The existing olive trees are back in production and 30 new ones have been planted, and the first part of a new vineyard has been laid down (around 1,600 m2).