11.05.2017 | fondazione zegna

Translational Music

The dance of life: music as therapy for body and mind

Nature, music and science will be the main themes of “Translational Music”, an event being held at Oasi Zegna on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May. The sound vibrations of Emiliano Toso’s piano and Lorena Borsetti’s cello, tuned to 432 hertz (in line with the frequencies of our body), will make the cells in our bodies sound and dance in harmony with the choral heartbeat of the universe.

The program includes a concert and talks on the science of epigenetics, health and music and will explain how we can actively aid our wellbeing by interacting with our surroundings. To understand the project’s innovative content we interviewed its originator, Emiliano Toso, a cellular biologist and composer.


What is the “dance of life', the leitmotif running through your art and stemming from your work as a molecular biology researcher?

The secret of the new biology is the 'movement', the signal that operates at intercellular level and is the breath of life in every manifestation of nature. It’s the input that genes receive from the outside and that addresses protein to trigger all the organism’s functions. This movement, which is at 432 hertz, is the same as the one that makes plants bud in spring or that conditions the collective behavior of animals. In fact, the virtuosity of flocks of migrant birds in spring or shoals of sardines in the oceans, forming a single mass that can suddenly open out like a fan or a fountain to confuse their predators, are all generated at the frequency, 432 hertz, that drives our cells. We’re at one with the universe.


Can music be said to be a therapy for body and mind?

Absolutely: I see my music as an instrument of opportunity, a stimulus to experience the richness and infinite joy of life and combat the suffering that leads to disease. The practice of uplifting the spirit by listening to music has always been widespread amongst native Americans and has now been scientifically demonstrated as effective. Music is the way to reach all the cells of humanity, through resonance.


How can epigenetics influence our everyday lives?

We always thought we were the victims of our genes, but we’ve now understood that genes themselves are controlled by perceptions and interactions with our environment. Explaining that that we can shape our destiny rather than being a victim of it means setting out on a journey towards wellbeing and health that subverts all our paradigms.


Why did you choose Oasi Zegna for this seminar?

Man’s connection with the environment is very strong. The human organism is being continually regenerated by the 'fuel' we get from natural, external elements: trees, pure air, fresh water, vegetable matter and even the dust of stars that faded away millions of years ago constitute our living matter. All these elements are in splendid abundance in Oasi Zegna. Emiliano Toso’s project, carried forward in collaboration with the American biologist Bruce Lipton, is spreading to holistic centers, hospitals and schools all over the world as an aid to the interior development of individuals and groups.