19.05.2017 | fondazione zegna

UNIDEE 2017: eight finalists chosen

From 26 June to 3 July they will be protagonists in the module entitled “Expanded Body: an immersive exploration of Oasi Zegna”

Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, Finland and the United States: the eight finalists in the 2017 UNIDEE (University of Ideas), the Cittadellarte educational program based on interdisciplinary research and sharing of knowledge and experience, are certainly a mixed, international bunch.

The finalists were selected from amongst 82 participants by a jury comprising Anna Zegna (president, Fondazione Zegna), Andrea Caretto and Raffaella Spagna (mentors), Cecilia Guida (director, UNIDEE – University of Ideas), Paolo Naldini (director, Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto) and Juan Esteban Sandoval (director, Art Office, Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto).

From 26 June to 3 July they will be the protagonists in the “Expanded Body: an immersive exploration of Oasi Zegna”, a module that will take place at Cittadellarte and Oasi Zegna. The jury’s choices were based on criteria such as the quality of CVs, the projects’ experimental approaches and the capacity to “formalize”.

The 8 finalists are:

Alessandro Perini (Italy, 1983)

Carolin Lange (Germany / Netherlands, 1986)

Micol Roubini + Lorenzo Casali (Italy, 1982 - 1980)

Fernanda Rappa (Brazil, 1981)

Marie Andree Godin (Canada / Finland, 1986)

Philip Cartelli (USA / Italy, 1984)

Serena Porrati (Italy, 1981)