22.02.2017 | fondazione zegna

UNIDEE in year 3, between revolution and mediation

Fondazione Zegna’s longstanding collaboration with the workshop led by Andrea Caretto and Raffaella Spagna is still going strong

Revolution, desire, mediation. Three concepts, three years. This is the winning mix at UNIDEE, the University of Ideas, a Cittadellarte educational program based on interdisciplinary research, sharing of knowledge and exchange of experiences.

In this the 3rd year too, the course features processes of contamination between knowledge and practice that enable participants to explore relationships between art and the public sphere. Building on the success of the previous two years’ courses, on which 250 students from 38 countries enrolled, UNIDEE is concentrating in 2017 on these three new macro themes now at the center of socio-political debate and the activities of many key figures in the public sector, such as artists, curators, public and private institutions, and so on.

The program for 2017 sees the continuation of collaboration with Adrian Paci and the 2-week residence module at Cittadellarte (Biella) and ArtHouse (Scutari - Albany). The longstanding partnership with Fondazione Zegna is further strengthened by the 10-day workshop and research module headed by Andrea Caretto and Raffaella Spagna.

For further information visit Cittadellarte’s website.