Care & Share

Rice Field

closed - duration 5 years

Care & Share prepares and distributes over 5,000 rice and vegetable based meals a day in its facilities in the State of Andhra Pradesh in India. To deal with the ever increasing cost of rice, the founders of C&S decided, early in 2010, to buy a rice field to ensure their stocks of this most important ingredient in children’s diet. I terreni finora acquistati, con un importante contributo sia da parte del Gruppo che della Fondazione Zegna, offriranno due raccolti l’anno e soddisferanno metà del fabbisogno annuale di riso di Care & Share. The land purchased so far, thanks to major contributions from both the Zegna Group and Fondazione Zegna, will deliver two harvests a year and provide half of Care & Share’s annual rice requirement. There is still much to do: it has been calculated that a donation of 2 euros is enough to acquire one square meter of land that can yield 1 kg of rice a year, which can give one child seven meals. careshare_13

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