Bosco del Sorriso: embracing the energy of nature


Nature as mother of humanity, plant life as her messengers and carriers of physical and mental wellbeing. On 15 September 2012, Oasi Zegna opened its “Il Bosco del Sorriso“, an experiential facility enabling visitors to rediscover this ancient credence (recently endorsed by authoritative scientific studies). On a 4.8 km loop, starting out from Bocchetta Sessera and taking in the uncontaminated nature of the upper Val Sessera, it’s possible to enjoy the unique beneficial effects of electromagnetic fields emitted by plants. We asked eco-designer Marco Nieri to explain the principles of the “Bioenergetic Landscape” he developed and which was used to create the Smiling Forest. Where does the “Bioenergetic Landscape” come from? This innovative technique grew out of an in-depth study of the electromagnetic relationship that may be perceived through resonance between the local biosphere, humans and plants. Each plant species has its own energy characteristics, which can act on our organism in various ways. In certain conditions, trees can favorably modify the bio-electromagnetic quality of the biosphere surrounding them. The “Bioenergetic Landscape” studies and uses the electromagnetic fields emitted by plants (in a radius of tens of meters) for the purpose of improving the energy quality of our biosphere. So we can create areas of particular wellbeing for the human organism in bio-energetic parks and gardens. Which is exactly what we’ve done in the Smiling Forest in the Oasi Zegna. In cultures as far back as antiquity it was believed we can hug trees to regain vital energy and enjoy a psychophysical benefit. Is this a practice we could revive in the 3rd millennium? Certainly. Trees and plants always played a central role in ancient cultures and the myth of the “healing tree” is found all over the world. The aim of our project is reopen this centuries-old but long forgotten dialogue and reawaken people’s awareness of the existence of interaction between all living things. How do electromagnetic fields interact with our organism? The effects of plants and their intensity on various organs in the human body depend on the species involved and their exact collocation. In the Smiling Forest, for example, there are beeches and birches which emit beneficial fields for the ovaries, prostate gland, gall-bladder, small intestine, pancreas and the immune, lymphatic and nervous systems. But they also have thaumaturgical effects on the thyroid gland, the eyes, ears, hair and skin. Staying in these areas brings about effective recovery from stress and an intense supply of vital energy for the entire organism. All you have to do is stay close to the trees in the signposted areas for at least ten minutes. What sort of studies have to be made before creating a bioenergetic garden? Some sophisticated measurements have to be made of the site and the trees using a special biophysical instrument called a “Lecher antenna”, which gives us precise information about the state of the biosphere and enables us to study the energy effects of each species of tree. We can then choose the most beneficial species and decide exactly where to put them. When properly planted out, the selected trees can interact with the natural electromagnetism of the place and locally modify its quality and energetic influence on our organs. To whom in particular would you recommend this experiential walk in the Smiling Forest? Anyone who loves nature and feels the need to abandon the rhythms of day-to-day life for a few hours. They can rediscover the ancient bonds that exist between humans and the natural world. Kids too, the adults of tomorrow of course, should visit the Smiling Forest: it’s a unique experience they will certainly never forget. There are three areas specially designed for them, with stone seats and big books made of scented cedar wood in which they can read the Tales of the Forest inspired by the Steiner philosophy and the three most common tree species in the area. What message can this project give visitors and the new generations in particular? As shown by Ermenegildo Zegna, who in 1930 started designing and funding a large scale reforestation of the mountainous country around the Zegna wool mill to create a marvelously alpine landscape, love of nature enables us to implement splendid projects that will stand the test of time. The Smiling Forest is another opportunity to remember that every single visitor has the duty and honor to preserve and enhance the value of this splendid territory, rich in anthropic associations, and receive immediate psychophysical benefits in exchange. Foto by Giovanni Caccamo Download Bosco del Sorriso 2013 Depliant

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