21.10.2016 | all' aperto

ALL’APERTO: a dialogue with Liliana Moro to browse

The art of Liliana Moro in a story that starts with the permanent installation of “29,88 KMQ” (29.88 KM2), produced in Trivero for the 2015 edition of ALL’APERTO, and gradually encompasses all her works. The catalog of this artist, who has enriched the Fondazione Zegna contemporary art project curated by Andrea Zegna and Barbara Casavecchia, is now available. A journey through dialogues and images that provide in-depth understanding of “29,88 KMQ” and the concepts underpinning it. It’s in two parts. On one hand is the Infopoint on the Piazza della Repubblica roundabout, at the entrance to the town, a veritable “reception structure” for all its visitors. The digital displays beneath its roof give information on the weather and events organized by the town council and Oasi Zegna. Inside, the Infopoint becomes a public help desk during important initiatives in Trivero. After dusk, the colored animal figures on the glass walls turn this little pavilion into a huge magic lantern crowned by a luminous yellow globe. The other part of the work is the twin globe that lights up against the façade of the Tourist Office (ProLoco) in the Centro Zegna to show it’s open to the public. Being a large 3D “talking” relief map of Trivero, it tells the public, with Liliana Moro’s voice, about the various ALL’APERTO works. Each "guide" is associated with a characteristic sound, developed in collaboration with musician Tommaso Previdi.

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