27.12.2016 | fondazione zegna

Casa Gabri: a home for kids

Fondazione Zegna is supporting AGORA' 97, a project that offers accommodation and social, healthcare and educational services to people in conditions of marginality

“The measure of a society’s moral sense is what it does for its children.” An echo of the words of German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer can be heard in all the activities of AGORA' 97, a project launched in 1997 to provide social, healthcare and educational services to children in conditions of marginality, social disadvantage, deviance and risk of marginalization, thus favoring a humane spirit and social integration.

The main beneficiaries of the project funded by Fondazione Zegna are children with serious illnesses causing severe disability and requiring complex healthcare. In a welcoming, family context designed to improve their quality of life, young children receive as much care as possible, with the aid of trained personnel with whom they can establish important affective bonds and relationships. The children also undergo a wide range of instrumental and diagnostic tests and in some cases surgery in hospital, with the constant presence of a qualified operator.

Casa di Gabri hosts seriously sick children who normally live at home in order to give their families a rest. This service enables a family to plan temporary replacement assistance so they can enjoy a degree of relief from the daily responsibility and hard work involved in care.

Casa di Gabri is currently hosting seven children who are guaranteed medical assistance based on state of the art technologies and continuous monitoring. This year, thanks to support from Fondazione Zegna, two pediatric beds (complete with accessories) and four televisions to entertain the kids during the day have been purchased.

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