27.12.2016 | fondazione zegna

Earthquakes in Central Italy: the rebirth of the land

Fondazione Zegna is supporting a Cesvi project for the economic recovery of farms hit by the earthquakes

To help with the reconstruction of the urban and rural environment and restore the social and productive fabric needed for economic recovery and to prevent abandonment and depopulation of the countryside hit by the earthquakes on 24 August and 26 and 30 October 2016. This is the main objective of a Cesvi project which is being supported by Fondazione Zegna and addresses farms in the area of Amatrice, Accumoli, Cittareale, Borbona, Posta and Leonessa.

As well as seriously affecting the lives of the inhabitants of Central Italy, the earthquakes have had devastating effects on economic activities in an area that is prevalently agricultural. Damages run to millions of euros. According to Coldiretti data, 90% of livestock sheds in Amatrice were damaged and some actually collapsed, with considerable loss of livestock. But not only: stress induced by the quakes has lowered cows’ milk yields, many farm building and barns have been damaged or completely destroyed and interruption of road links and shortage of power are penalizing milk deliveries and storage.

The Cesvi project launched on 19 December (set to run for four months) is supporting the resumption of production and direct sales to prevent abandon of the countryside and help towards the economic recovery of the areas hit by the quakes. This involves the supply of structures to house livestock and dairy farm equipment such as:

- milking trolleys

- scraper systems

- refrigerators

- milk processing tanks

- systems for pouring into molds and collecting whey

- salting systems and ripening cells

- electricity generators

After an initial phase in which the priority will be farms producing cow’s milk, the project will be extended to other beneficiaries and other places, here too on the basis of data supplied by Coldiretti.

You too can give a hand by visiting Cesvi’s website