07.11.2016 | fondazione zegna

Emergency in Haiti: with Cesvi in support of the stricken population

Fondazione Zegna is funding a project to cover the immediate accommodation needs of 350 families in Haiti’s Sud Department

To immediately provide basic necessities for 350 families in the worst hit zones of the Sud Department of Haiti (Les Cayes and Aquin), totaling 1,750 people: this is the aim of the emergency aid project funded by Fondazione Zegna and launched by Cesvi following Cyclone Matthew, which struck the Caribbean between the 4 and 9 October 2016.

In Haiti, in particular, the impact of the damages has been devastating and continues to worsen. According to OCHA data (as of 10 October 2016), the tragic death toll reached 473, with 75 missing and 339 injured. Over 175,500 people are living in camps and temporary refuges, and at least 80% of crops and livestock have been destroyed, meaning that some 1.4 million people (around one third of whom are children) are in urgent need of humanitarian aid.

The choice of Cesvi was dictated by the organization’s extensive experience (since 2009) of projects focusing on food safety and improving access to water for farmers. Just hours after Cyclone Matthew passed, Cesvi was already analyzing the situation to identify the most urgent needs in co-operation with all the players involved (Haiti civil protection and local authorities, United Nations and other humanitarian organizations).

The project has set itself the task of helping to cover the immediate survival needs of the population by providing each of 350 families with a kit containing:

- plastic sheets for makeshift repair of damaged roofing, where possible, or for building temporary shelter in the initial phase of the emergency

- ropes and tools for repair work

- blankets