02.01.2017 | fondazione zegna

New Symphony Youth Orchestra fuels young dreams

Fondazione Zegna is funding a project by Agencia do Bem to use music as an instrument for social inclusion

Improving the quality of life in disadvantaged communities by creating opportunities for full individual and collective development. Founded in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 2005, Agencia do Bem (Agency of Good) works under the banner of ethics, happiness, transparency and sustainability.

The first major project by the agency, in Beira Rio, laid the foundations for all the activities in subsequent years, which opened up new horizons in the fields of education, culture, communication, food safety, health and, not least, music.

It was in this district, considered key to the development of communities in the new Millennium, that the agency in 2016 launched the Music and Citizenship Schools Project (supported by Fondazione Zegna), which uses music to promote social inclusion for hundreds of young Brazilians living in underprivileged communities where violence and lack of opportunity are the norm.

The powerhouse of the project is the New Symphony Youth Orchestra, which offers young children the chance to develop their talent, express themselves, communicate with others and live in serenity and joy. This year the orchestra has played in 23 concerts in prestige venues in Rio de Janeiro, and the agency has provided support for nine musical schools in the city, thus involving 600 kids from the favelas.

This is an excellent result that sends the world a clear and simple message: with hard work any dream can come true.