11.01.2017 | fondazione zegna

WWF China: a school for pandas

Opened thanks to funding from Fondazione Zegna, the Guanyinshan Nature School will educate residents and tourists on the importance of environmental conservation

People are the center of every strategy to develop communities and safeguard the environment. This is guiding principle of the Guanyinshan Nature School, the latest initiative that WWF China and Fondazione Zegna have added on to the “Panda Corridor”, a project launched in 2004 to ensure that the population of giant pandas in the Qinling mountains in China have all-round protection, including restoration of their natural habitat, forest management and the creation of nature reserves.

Just opened, the new school will act as an eco-educational center in the area and raise awareness of the importance of environmental conservation among local communities, tourists and the people who work in the Nature Reserve.

The 400 m2 school was specially designed to illustrate the project to conserve the giant panda community and the biodiversity of this territory for visitors. It also has special facilities for indoor activities.

The opening of the Guanyinshan Nature School is an integral part of the 2nd phase of the Panda Corridor project, which will be completed in 2017 and is based on three pillars: continuation of giant panda protection activities, development of new ecotourism programs and environmental education.

“We’ve only got one world at our disposal,” explains Fondazione Zegna president Anna Zegna. “What we do as a foundation goes beyond geographical confines. Just as my grandfather created what is now Oasi Zegna in Trivero, we have teamed up with the WWF to create and develop another oasis, in China. The Panda Corridor project aims to protect the habitat of these giant pandas. We do this not only by acting directly on the environment but also by educating local communities, tourists and the staff of the WWF on the vital importance of values like respect and sustainability.”

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