Find out how to help us plant more trees to safeguard the territory against the effects of climate change.

Planting a tree is a gesture of hope. It symbolizes the passing of the baton from one generation the next in the enormous task of caring for our Planet. It represents the continuity of life and is often done to mark the birth of a child or honor the memory of someone no longer with us.

Planting new trees is the heart of “Zegna Forest”, a project to revitalize a part of our woodland that is suffering climate change. In February we started cleaning up an area of 16 hectares. But the project as a whole will take years, because we will have to gradually integrate the conifers with broadleaf species.

What’s happened to Oasi Zegna reflects the enormous change that has shattered our Planet’s natural equilibria. The trees envisaged by the experts of over a century ago, when Ermenegildo Zegna launched his unprecedented reforestation operation, are no longer suited to today’s temperatures, being driven up by climate change. Not to mention the arrival of plant diseases unknown in our territory.

We must intervene urgently to prevent environmental disasters.

A scientific committee helped us draw up a plan of action. On our part there’s ongoing effort and conviction: inspired by over a century of caring for the mountains we tend the half a million trees that Ermenegildo Zegna left to the territory. We’re carrying forward his green philosophy because we feel we are responsible for protecting Oasi Zegna.

But we now need help from all of you: Zegna Group people and ordinary citizens. Because forests are a common heritage. Our health depends on theirs. Every one of us can do something to protect the Planet, we are all part of a community in which the actions of each individual help produce collective effects. To find out more Zegna Forest.