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Zegna Forest

For over a century, the Zegna family has been taking care of the mountains and its forests. A heritage of 500,000 trees and almost 1,500 hectares of land that Ermenegildo Zegna has passed down to future generations.


The heatlhcare of the trees

In recent decades, our territory has undergone epochal transformations that reflect the general trend of the planet. Climate change and the arrival of forest diseases never before seen in our areas have had significant effects on biodiversity.

The plan

Launched in 2020, it involved a cleaning phase that has allowed more than 33.000 new plants to be planted over the past four years, mainly beech and white fir, with the aim of increasing the resilience, ecological functions, and biodiversity of the forest.

What we do for trees


Sick or dangerous trees are cut down, and openings are created for the new species.

What we do for trees


The felled wood is removed and then used as a source of energy.

What we do for trees


Trees of different ages are planted, choosing varieties that are more suitable for the new climatic conditions.

What we do for trees


The new areas are monitored to ensure vigorous development in accordance with a systemic vision of the territory.


Protecting nature is everyone's task

The woods are the guardians of our planet, our health depends on theirs. Planting a tree may seem like a trivial matter but it is an immense gesture that symbolizes hope, the passing of the baton from one generation to another. Just as all trees form a forest, we are part of a community in which the actions of each individual produce collective effects.


Here's how you can donate

You can donate 110€ euros to help us plant a tree or you can make a free donation which will be very important to us, because it will help us in our ambitious project. You can contribute immediately online or come directly to visit Casa Zegna.

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