Fondazione Zegna was created by our family to give continuity to the values that stem from the thought of Ermenegildo Zegna, founder of the Zegna Group, and which today are an asset of all the people who work with us.

President of Fondazione Zegna


Where our
history lives

Casa Zegna, which became part of the Fondazione Zegna in 2007, is a historical archive and cultural center located in Trivero Valdilana, in the province of Biella. In a 1930s building that was once the family home, it is a space where tradition and transformation come together in an exhibition space.


"And the garden created man"

Art and nature meet in Roberto Coda Zabetta’s series of works “Frana e Fango” (Landslide and mud). The exhibition tells about the fragility of both humans and the ecosystem we inhabit, the power of uncontrollable events that manifest on Earth, and the ability of nature to regenerate and flourish in cycles that are beyond human will.

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We breed the future

Since 2014, we have been investing in education by awarding scholarships each year to deserving students pre-selected by our partner Italian universities.

Zegna Forest

For over a century, we have taken care of the mountains and their forests, a heritage of 500,000 trees and nearly 1,500 hectares of land. Protecting such a beautiful and fragile habitat is a responsibility that comes to us from the past. We inherited it from Ermenegildo Zegna and we pass it on to you.

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Help us plant more trees to protect the land