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Ermenegildo Zegna Founder’s Scholarship 10° Edition

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On Saturday 15 July at Casa Zegna, over 170 students attended the event organised to celebrate 10 years of the Ermenegildo Zegna Founder’s Scholarship project, launched in 2014.

A renewed commitment for another 15 years out of the total 25 years of the project. With an annual subsidy of up to 1 million euros, the program enables students selected from over 20 top Italian universities to study at leading centers of learning abroad, thereby feeding a virtuous circuit of knowledge and skills that will actively contribute to the development of our country once the scholars return home.

In these first 10 years of the project, 425 scholarships have been awarded. In the 2023-24 edition, 71
will go to universities including Harvard, Columbia and UCLA in the USA, Oxford, Cambridge
and the London School of Economics in the UK, the College of Europe in Belgium, the Max Planck
Institute in Germany, ETH in Switzerland, Adelaide University in Australia, and Keio University in Japan.
On the occasion of the 10th edition of the program, Fondazione held a gathering in Trivero’s Oasi Zegna
with the presence of Fondazione Zegna’s President and the members of the Scholarship.

The event also brought together members of the EZ Scholarship community to celebrate this important
milestone for the project and offer them an opportunity to discover Zegna’s values and place of origin.
Starting with a visit to the Wool Mill (founded in 1910 and still going strong), the tour also included the
archives and exhibition facilities at Casa Zegna, and various sports amenities in Oasi Zegna.

But the meeting in Trivero was above all a unique chance for more than 170 alumni of the program to get
together and extend the network
of acquaintances, strengthen their sense of community and set the stage for future interaction on professional and academic levels. And also, to get to know various generations of the Zegna family.

Just as Ermenegildo Zegna placed his wool mill at the center of an ecosystem in which individuals, society and the environment were bound together in positive and sustainably reciprocal interdependence, we are now creating connections and dialog and producing shared values at the local and international levels.
The energy that has sustained our efforts to date remains undiminished and keeps us on our path towards a better tomorrow.

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