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Project timeline

The works and projects are the protagonists of our story. A time that defines us, between recent past and near future.

Healthcare and scientific research

Fondazione Zegna, in continuity with the values that inspired its founder, promotes health protection through projects aimed at improving the quality of life of individuals in the socio-healthcare field. To this end, collaborations have been established in the Biella area with Cooperativa Maria Cecilia, Fondazione Clelio Angelino, Cooperativa Domus Laetitiae, Associazione di Volontariato Delfino, Cooperativa Sociale AGORA’ 97 Onlus in Como, and with Boston Children’s Hospital.

Culture and landscape enhancement

Fondazione Zegna protects and enhances the artistic, cultural, and environmental heritage in continuity with the values of its founder. To promote respect and knowledge of the landscape, and to safeguard a heritage that is a fundamental part of its roots, the Zegna Foundation has established collaborations with organizations such as FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano), Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto, as well as supported international initiatives such as Icram, Mare Vivo, WWF China, Oceana, and Horinman Circle Garden over the past 20 years.

Education and Training

Fondazione Zegna promotes initiatives for the education, instruction, and training of young people, with the aim of developing the potential of each individual and bringing well-being, employment, and attention to the person. In recent years, numerous projects have been supported in collaboration with Consorzio Sociale Il Filo da Tessere, Associazione Biella Cresce, Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto; Comunità di San Patrignano, Filarmonica Teatro Regio di Torino, and Agencia do Bem in Brazil.

Editorial projects

The works of the ALL’APERTO project and temporary exhibitions promoted by the Zegna Foundation have been documented in volumes curated by the Foundation itself, in order to further explore the messages and works of the artists involved.