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ALL’APERTO – Stefano Arienti

This book – published by Edizioni Ermenegildo Zegna, 2011, 64 pp. – documents the work of Stefano Arienti for ALL’APERTO, the contemporary art project curated by Andrea Zegna and Barbara Casavecchia for the Fondazione Zegna.

With a rich set of images, the volume chronicles the birth of “”I Telepati”” (The Telepathists), from the first encounters of the artist with the students from the secondary schools in Ronco, to their collective action of painting, and the successive transfer of the imaginary faces and expressions of “”I Telepati”” on the stones.

It also records the installation of the sculptures, as well as of the large free Wi-Fi network they signal. Introduced by the texts of Anna Zegna and Andrea Zegna, the discussion between Stefano Arienti, Barbara Casavecchia and Luca Cerizza analizes the relationship between the artist’s modus operandi and the issue of public space; it discloses Arienti’s work constant openness towards the viewer, all throughout his career, from the beginning in the mid Eighties until today, and it unveils the broad range of its sources: biological sciences, sociology, anthropology, art history.

A chronology of Arienti’s public works closes the book.

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