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“Tre artiste per Trivero” (Three female artists for Trivero)

For the 2016 edition, the Fondazione Zegna’s ALL’APERTO project is working closely with the community of Trivero (BI) through workshops and interventions by three artists: Alek O., Laura Pugno (in collaboration with Diogene Lab, Turin) and Valentina Vetturi. The relationship with the town’s schools and associations has marked all the previous stages of ALL’APERTO, but this year it was decided to make it the fulcrum of the project, in line with the Foundation’s numerous activities dedicated to the education and training of young people and in continuity with the values deriving from Ermenegildo Zegna’s thought.

Laura Pugno, who was born in Trivero, continues her investigation into the theme of landscape by holding – in October – a workshop with third-grade students, entitled Ci vediamo in centro (See you in the centre) because, as the artist writes, “”it is not often that you find a municipality made up of 37 hamlets. Faced with such a dispersed situation, it is interesting to ask what image the children have of their own village’. The result of this mapping, aimed at identifying unprecedented places of gathering and meeting, will be an artist’s book containing all the ‘postcards’ elaborated by the students.

In the same period, Alek O. leads the workshop Even if it’s nice, bring the umbrella! with some sixth-grade classes, using simple recycled materials to create a large collective composition, between tangram and mosaic. Using “”lived”” objects with their own personal history, the artist invites the children to exploit their manual skills and “”forget the function of the initial object to concentrate on the variety of colours and patterns””.

At the end of the year, Valentina Vetturi will realise a new stage of Alzheimer Café, a cycle of works (Alzheimer Café I, Kunsthalle Göppingen, Germany, 2014; Alzheimer Café II, Museo MAXXI, Rome, 2015) that investigates the relationships between memory and sound. The work stems from a collection of motifs sung or hinted at by people suffering from neurological pathologies that affect the memory – in Trivero, in particular, the artist collects the voices of patients at the local Alzheimer’s Centre, and then reworks their traces. “”These very private sounds that in the beginning were other people’s memories, now transformed post-produced and made public, become a multiplying device of memories for those who listen to them today,”” he explains.

The three projects were documented and presented to the public in spring 2017.

ALL’APERTO is sponsored by the Municipality of Trivero, the Province of Biella and the Piedmont Region.