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With the eyes of Ulysses

Marevivo is a no-profit environmental association created in 1985 and operates its underwater division and territorial units at a national and international level. Its activities include environmental education, scientific research and the promotion of Protected Marine Areas. It reports dangerous substances being transported by sea, the dumping of toxic substances in the sea and illegal and destructive fishing methods. In 2002, Fondazione Zegna supported a project based on an idea of Alessandro Cecchi Paone: an exploration of the Mediterranean along the routes taken by Ulysses. On board the Palinuro, scientists, environmentalists, observers and scientific journalists looked, from different points of view, at continuity and change, myth, history and reality in a sea that is not only a cradle of biodiversity but of history and culture. A sea that is also in great danger. The voyage of the Palinuro made it possible to draw a new map of the Mediterranean and its flora and fauna but it also revealed the serious risks posed by pollution of waters and coastlines (physical and light). The project was also documented in a special “ship’s log” that commented the mythical aspects of Ulysses’ voyage from a scientific point of view.



Marevivo is a non profit environmental association created in 1985, operating at a national and international level, through its underwater division and territorial units.