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ALL’APERTO – Alberto Garutti

The book – published by Silvana Editoriale – documents the work of Alberto Garutti for ALL’APERTO, the contemporary art project curated by Andrea Zegna and Barbara Casavecchia for the Fondazione Zegna, that since 2008 has seen the creation of site-specific works in Trivero (Biella).

Garutti mapped out the territory and sought the involvement of local people by means of an original catalyst: the town’s dogs. The result is a series of benches that bear the inscription: The dog portrayed here belongs to a Trivero family. This work is dedicated to them and the people who will talk about it as they sit here.

Garutti’s aim, namely to give rise to an open dialogue between the work of art, the spectator and the urban setting, is introducedby the texts of Anna Zegna and Andrea Zegna, discussed in a conversation with Barbara Casavecchia and Viktor Misiano, and summarised in a chronological presentation of his public works.

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