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Project Share

Since 2008 Fondazione Zegna is supporting the SHARE project, which aims above all to improve the level of assistance available to couples infected by HIV and develop reproduction techniques enabling couples to give birth to biological offspring and reduce the risk of viral transmission. The project’s central aim is the creation of a European register to monitor couples through all the various stages of reproductive treatment and assess the effectiveness and safety profiles of the various methods used and the fertility profile of the HIV infected couples involved. Thanks to the sharing of clinical data between the 12 centers taking part in the initiative (Italy, France, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, South Africa, Israel, Argentina and the United States), HIV infected couples and health care operators will be able to keep up to date on reproduction techniques for HIV subjects and access data on the effectiveness and safety of assisted conception techniques and on availability in treatment centers.



CREAThE ONLUS is a non-profit organisation that fights to ensure that couples with HIV have access to reproductive techniques that allow them to conceive a biological child while reducing the risk of HIV transmission to their unborn child or uninfected partner.