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Our road to tomorrow: Zegna’s archive-inspired rebranding

The archives at Casa Zegna have been a source of inspiration for the rebranding of Zegna


The archives at Casa Zegna have been a source of inspiration for the rebranding of Zegna: the new logo, launched in December 2021, is a contemporary style tribute to the Zegna heritage, with various references to the brand’s advertising in men’s fashion magazines in the ‘30s.

The Zegna wool mill started up in 1910 and the first advertising, without trademarks, appeared in 1918 in the bulletins of the Italian Wool Industry Association.

During the 1st world war and the troubled times immediately after it, the mill’s trade expanded both nationally and internationally as the enterprising spirit and vision of the young Ermenegildo Zegna began to make themselves felt. There was an increasing focus on the image of the mill and the product, leading at the end of the ‘20s to the launch of the first logotype – “Electa Fratelli Zegna di Angelo” – characterized by a star enclosing a sheep (the Agnus Dei also used by the Florentine wool guild).

This logo was not only heat stamped on the fabrics but also used in advertising campaigns in trade magazines like the high-profile Arbiter, accompanied by a graphic representation of the mill and the “Zegna” mark guaranteeing the quality of the fabrics.

The definition and application of the first logo embodied the pioneering vision of Ermenegildo Zegna, who was determined to get the quality of Made in Italy fabrics recognized on foreign markets. This put the mill on course for the internationalization of a brand now known all over the world.

Zegna has come a long way in the meantime: our journey towards tomorrow also takes us back to our very beginnings, to the dreams and vision of a man who is still inspiring the values of Zegna, over 110 years on.

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