A Contemporary Art Project

Curated by Andrea Zegna and Barbara Casavecchia

Promoted by Fondazione Zegna, ALL'APERTO (OUTDOORS) is curated by Andrea Zegna and Barbara Casavecchia. Established in 2008 with the aim of broadening access to contemporary art and its values, the project supports the realization of a series of site-specific permanent artworks, created in the Trivero area, aimed at the local community and all visitors. Link to video For the first step of ALL'APERTO, Daniel Buren framed the panoramic terraces of the Lanificio Zegna with "The Coloured Weathervanes, Work in Situ, 2007, Trivero"; a rainbow of flags of seven colors that optically meld into a single, but ever changing iridescence. In 2009, Alberto Garutti mapped out the territory and sought the involvement of local people by means of an original catalyst: the town’s dogs. The outcome was a series of 12 concrete benches, scattered around Trivero, entitled "Dedicated to the people who will talk about it as they sit here”. In 2011, Stefano Arienti introduced "The Telepathists", a "sculpture to be used", as the artist defines it, composed of a free Wi-Fi network and of several groups of archaic “thinking heads” in stone which mark the presence of the hotspots. In September 2012, Roman Signer inaugurated with a crowded pyrotechnical action his "Horloge", a surprising “time-sculpture” that beats time without any hour hand. A great collective performance marked also the opening of Marcello Maloberti’s "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine" (2013), a new ‘garden of delights’ for the community. In 2014, Dan Graham unveiled "Two Way Mirror / Hedge Arabesque", a spectacular pavilion in steel and two-way mirror glass (both transparent and reflective), located in the Valley of Rhododendrons of Oasi Zegna. Liliana Moro is the protagonist of the 2015 edition. Her project, titled "29,88 SQ KM", includes two parts: a new “infopoint” at the entrance of Trivero and a special interactive map, installed in the Tourist Office, where the artist’s voice helps the public to discover all the installations of ALL’APERTO.

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Map of the Artworks and Wi-Fi areas

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Mappa dei lavori