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Dedicated to the people who will talk about it as they sit here

Alberto Garutti

In order to map out the territory of Trivero, Alberto Garutti seeked the collaboration of the teachers and of the local primary school fifth grade students. He asked to the children to choose, describe and draw the town’s dogs: Eva, Pulce, Sbadiglio, Lampo, Ferro, Sissi and Otto, Luna…

This process enabled the artist to establish a contact with the kids, their families, and the owners of the dogs, meeting, photographing and involving them in the realization of the project. The result is a public work that can be used (and ‘adopted’) by everyone: a series of cement benches with a seated portrait of one or more dogs, bearing the following caption: The dog portrayed here belongs to a Trivero family. This work is dedicated to them and the people who will talk about it as they sit here.

The benches are located in different meeting and activity sites of the town like the Centro Zegna, the town hall, the gardens of the schools in Ronco, the square in front of the Matrice Church in Gioia and the sport fields outside the Sport Stadium in Ponzone (see map on the pdf brochure).


Alberto Garutti

Alberto Garutti was born in Galbiate (Lecco, Italy) in 1948 and currently lives and works in Milan. Since 1989 he has been professor of Painting at the Accademia di Brera and since 2002 he has taught at the Faculty of Architecture in Venice (IUAV). He participated in the Venice (1990), Havana (2000) and Istanbul (2001) Biennales.

Thanks to his continuous research on the establishment of an open dialogue between contemporary art, spectator and public space, Garutti has been invited to realize artworks for cities and museums all around the world.

In 2000, he created in Bergamo one of his best known projects: Dedicated To Those Who Are Born Today, a work that lights up simultaneously the street lamps of Piazza Dante every time a baby is born in the local hospital. In 2002, in Kanazawa, Japan, he produced a light installation that accompanied the construction of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, by involving the local inhabitants. In 2003, in Bolzano, he built in the Don Bosco working class neighbourhood a Small Museion, a transparent ‘cabin’ exhibiting works from the local art museum.

In 2009,Garutti created an installation in the building site of Zaha Hadid’s MAXXI in Rome, entitled In a room in the new MAXXI, the lights will tremble every time in Italy a flash lightning strikes during a storm. This work is dedicated to all those who will think of the sky as they pass by.

In 2012, the Pavillion of Contemporary Art in Milan hosted his first retrospective, titled Didascalia / Caption.