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Autumn at Oasi Zegna traveling with Mattias Klum

Dal 20 ottobre al 24 novembre 2013, tutte le domeniche

New exhibition at Casa Zegna, the historical archive and cultural facility in Trivero (Biella): it’s entitled “Autunno nell’Oasi Zegna, in viaggio con Mattias Klum”, the second event featuring the talented National Geographic photographer who returned to Oasi Zegna to shoot some panoramic views (aerial and macro ) of the natural beauty of the landscape in this season charged with emotion. A hymn to joy, a tribute to the land and what is most real about it. A message calling for protection of and respect for the environment that also addresses the new generations. Mattias Klum, who specializes in landscapes and natural environments, captured the essence of Oasi Zegna, revealing and secret, inaccessible places but also beautiful things we have right in front of us but don’t often stop to contemplate.