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Genius Loci. Places and identities between the Wool Mill and Oasi Zegna. Photos by Giovanni Caccamo

Every Sunday from 18 October to 22 November 2015

What makes a place really unique? An attempt to answer this intriguing question comes from the photographer Giovanni Caccamo, who has immortalized certain “places” in the Wool Mill and Oasi Zegna through his inquisitive and original lens.

Capturing values like dignity and professionalism, his photos can be admired in “Genius Loci. Luoghi e identità tra Lanificio e Oasi Zegna. Foto di Giovanni Caccamo” at Casa Zegna, the historical archive and museum in Trivero (Biella province). At the inauguration on Saturday 17 October, at 15.00 (free of charge), children too will be involved in a workshop entitled “Let’s make a camera” (free of charge, booking obligatory).

A veritable odyssey through the identities of the world so deeply loved by Ermenegildo Zegna: the flowing of precious streams, faces marked by life in the wind and magnificent panoramas across valleys and cloud-streaked skies.

To encourage reflection on this and find other answers to the question “What makes a place really unique?”, Fondazione Zegna is launching a social initiative for the occasion on Instagram: it invites users to post their personal vision of familiar places seen from a different and therefore unique viewpoint using hashtag #luoghieidentita. All these photos will form a huge visual wall in real time and be the focus of the inauguration on Saturday 17 October (at 16.00) and then throughout the exhibition. On the day the exhibition closes, this wall will go digital for sharing on-line.

Have you got a place you want to share? Do it with hashtag #luoghieidentita!