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Silk from Asia to Zegna

From 18th May to 29th June 2014, every Sunday

From the origins of the silk industry thousands of years ago and the natural marvel of the silkworm’s metamorphosis to the development of innovative fabrics at the Wool Mill and garments created by Ermenegildo Zegna. This is just the narrative outline of “La Seta dall’Asia alla Zegna” (Silk from Asia to Zegna), the exhibition at Casa Zegna in Trivero (Biella) on Saturday 17 May and thereafter every Sunday till 29 June 2014. Curated by Archivio Zegna, with design by Marco Strina and video material by Studio Azzurro, the multimedia exhibition will engage both adults and children, enabling them to relive this fascinating and richly faceted journey into antiquity. It will be possible to discover the rapid life cycle of the silkworm, which transforms mulberry leaves into a cocoon in just 45 days, the main stages in the evolution of the silk industry between East and West and the history of Zegna silk, an example of successful synergy between tradition and innovation. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 17 May, at 4 pm, for the inauguration of the exhibition and an entertaining educational workshop for small children. Saturday 17 May 2014 Inauguration and educational workshop for kids Every Sunday from 18 May to 29 June 2014 Entry free of charge. 2 pm to 6 pm. Via Marconi 23, Trivero (Biella) For info: T 015 7591463