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Oasi Zegna as seen by Mattias Klum

Dal 15 maggio 2011 al 26 giugno 2011

Oasi Zegna is a paradise of natural beauty, accessible to everyone, culminating in May with the flowering of the spectacular rhododendrons along the Panoramica road and in the Valletta dei Rododendri. “Oasi Zegna vista da Mattias Klum” is an exhibition offering a fascinating new itinerary over largely uncontaminated terrain, as seen through the eyes, and sensibility, of a formidable National Geographic photographer. Klum’s Tierra Grande project aims to “inspire to action”, to inform, educate and stimulate people to act in favor of a sustainable future. Mattias Klum is one of the younger National Geographic National Geographic photographer.and has published many photos in Wildlife Conservation, Geo, Terre Sauvage, Stern, Der Spiegel and The New York Times. He captured the spirit of Oasi Zegna with stills and a short film (shown for the first time in this exhibition), exploring well known landscapes like the “via dei rododendri” through visions of uncontaminated nature and aerial shots revealing secret and inaccessible panoramas. Not just an exhibition then, but a message urging conservation and promotion, a mission shared by both Mattias Klum and Oasi Zegna.

Photos by Mattias Klum