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Four legged friends, Ermenegildo Zegna’s secret passion


A thin, lanky frame, head covered by a hat, hands in pockets, elegant yet informal. One hand tightly holding a leash attached to a robust golden retriever with long, lush hair and light-coloured paws. The Ermenegildo Zegna we see portrayed in old photographs conserved in the Zegna Archives vouches to the great love felt by the founder of the Triverio Wool Mill that still bears his name for “man’s best friends”. This same love kindled a passion for the marvellous Collie breed, to the extent that at the end of the twenties he became a member of the Italian Society headquartered in Valle Mosso and gave a home to two puppies, “Extra” and “Yola Lovely”, who soon gave the family several splendid litters. Over the course of the years Ermenegildo Zegna looked after other dogs as well, including a small light-haired fox terrier who appears in several private photographs. By chance, the dog is very similar to the dog portrayed by Alberto Garutti in one of the statues on the benches at Triverio for the second edition of the ALL’APERTO project. A project that we are sure Ermenegildo Zegna would have appreciated from the bottom of his heart. What better day than August 16, feast day of St Rocco, the patron saint of dogs, to frame this beautiful real-life story?

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