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A breath of alpine air at Casa Zegna


Nothing is more precious than our memories. Especially those redolent of infancy and serenity. This is why the exhibition at Casa Zegna from 10 September to 30 October 2016 – “Good mountain air: from alpine summer schools to Zegna Camps” – telling the story of how Trivero’s alpine summer schools have evolved, will be a unique opportunity to gaze back into our past.

This fascinating time travel needs the public though. Meaning you or anyone else over 50 who spent unforgettable days at the alpine summer school at Margosio. Inaugurated by Ermenegildo Zegna in 1953, it was for 18 years a classic summer holiday spot for thousands of families in the Biella area.

Your photos and documents from the period, as well as any anecdotes you’d like to share, will form part of the exhibition in fact. Your invaluable testimonies will complete the mosaic of memories of an initiative capable of offering 150 children at a time, under the aegis of Unione Industriale Biellese, a summer holiday combining sunshine and healthy mountain air with education and recreation.

If you stayed at the alpine summer school in the ’50s or ’60s, share your photos and memories of the period with us: they’ll become an integral part of the exhibition!


Casa Zegna

Tel.: 015 7591463

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