27.10.2014 | fondazione zegna

Wells for life: a better future now closer in Africa and India

Care & Share and AMREF projects funded by Fondazione Zegna to overcome water emergencies in the poorer sections of the population are nearing completion

Six months have passed since Fondazione Zegna, alongside non-governmental organizations AMREF and Care & Share, launched a campaign for water as source of life, with the aim of building wells in Kenya and India to guarantee a future for the more unfortunate communities living in conditions of continual water emergency. The two projects are now nearing completion. Thanks to Care & Share’s work, the two deep wells serving the cultivation of maize in the State of Andhra Pradesh in India are already active and pumping water for three hours a day. However, the conformation of the terrain (in a number of lots) makes it necessary to drill other wells, also because the government is threatening to cut water supply. The construction of the three wells funded by Fondazione Zegna in the village of Ngaamba in Kenya (Malili division of Kajado district) is almost completed. Having gathered the information needed to model the project on the basis of the local context, AMREF directly involved the community in the various phases of construction of the wells, from the recovery of the necessary materials to the digging itself and the construction of the concrete base. The aquifer in question has drinking water for the 48 families who will use the wells, their animals and farming. The final phase of construction entails the installation of the pumps and disinfection with chlorine to prevent growth of bacteria. When the work is finished, the authorities in the Ngaamba community will receive around a hundred bags of seed to start up small nurseries for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables using water from the aquifer. The local community has decided to name the wells: Kiloo, Nyote and Yiuuni. Thanks to Fondazione Zegna, Care & Share and AMREF, a better future in Africa and India is now looking a little closer. Discover all the Care & Share and AMREF projects supported by Fondazione Zegna

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