29.12.2016 | fondazione zegna

Cultivating the future

Looking back over this last year, Fondazione Zegna president Anna Zegna reflects on the responsibility, of all of us, for the state of health of the planet

I remember the climb up towards Punta Mesco, the shady, silent holm-oak woods filtering sunlight through dull green leaves and twisted, wrinkled trunks.

Step by step along the winding path up to the first glimpses of the sea through the patchy vegetation and at last the Mediterranean scrub offers a wider horizon, the sea, an intense, pure and essential blue at the foot of the precipitous promontory.

There, perched above the final ledge between sea and sky, is Podere Case Lovara, fragile and exhausted before FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano intervened, but now in quiet repose as it prepares for a new life.

This is the most forward-looking and craziest project that our Foundation has undertaken in the last three-year period. It was inaugurated in June after countless difficulties encountered during the surveying and technical studies.

Crazy because no one would have imagined it possible to carry through; forward-looking because only by husbanding nature, our land, our home, will we be able to give a future to the human race, to ourselves who inhabit the planet and those who come after us.

In the era the experts have dubbed ‘anthropocene’ – to indicate the Earth and its climate are being remodeled by humans - our responsibility is becoming increasingly burdensome.

It’s a responsibility that Fondazione Zegna has taken upon itself by supporting projects that tend to anticipate rather than repair the damage done by abandon and neglect of the planet. In a year in which natural catastrophes have come thick and fast, our support has privileged prevention and grief-stricken people who have lost everything, but also new projects for the young and their education.

It is only by building a future together that we will be able to feel we’ve had a life well spent.

And this is where Ermenegildo Zegna comes to mind: our grandfather is still inspiring and guiding us in our work 50 years after his death.


Anna Zegna President

Fondazione Zegna